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M. E. Tile offers two unique, exciting tile lines that caters to the taste of that special customer. Over 3,000 raised relief single tiles moldings, liners, mural, linear arrays and arches are available in many different glaze surfaces and a rainbow of different colors. Hand painting of the raised relief tile adds the lasting beauty of multi-color to the raised relief tile. 
The design concepts by our artists of the total line is to make available the opportunity for a striking elegant statement. We at M. E. Tile view our tile as an art form that offers each customer a gallery of unique creations for designing their own masterpiece to provide functions and beauty with lasting durability. 


M. E. Tile has been designed for use in non-freezing areas for walls, counter tops and any other non-floor areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, fireplaces, interior door and window frames in homes or similar areas in vestibules and commercial buildings. 


M. E. Tile is a stain and scratch resistant tile with a glass glaze on a white non vitreous body. It should be noted that with all glazed tile some wearing, staining, or scratching can occur. The use of cutting boards, non-abrasive cleaners and promptly cleaning up food and other spills will help to maintain the beauty of the tile 


M. E. Tile intentionally makes a crackle glaze to give an aged appearance. Sometimes other glazed tiles will craze before, during or after installations. We cannot guarantee crazing from happening. A sudden temperature change in usage such as a hot pan set on a cool tile can cause crazing to occur. Crackle tile should not be used on a food preparation surface. The shapes of the raised relief tile and trim pieces will cause some of the glazes to run when the glaze melts in the kiln. As a result, the shading may be slightly different on flat areas as contrasted to sloped areas. This enhances the special uniqueness of hand made tile. 


M. E. Tile recommends that the guidelines in the "Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation" be followed. A copy may be obtained by contacting Tile Council Of America. 


Adding a dark color to grout is not normally recommended because the stains in the grout can stain the surface and irregularities of the tile. In order to help prevent this, or when these is a color difference between the grout and tile. A pre grouting sealer should be used on the tile. Follow the directions on a quality sealing product. 


Depending on installation method and use of the tile, different sealing methods may be required prior to, during or after installation. This is particularly true of crackle, matte, or textured surfaces. Contact your dealer for proper sealing care or contract M. E. Tile for their pamphlet on sealing of tile. 


 M. E. Tile does manufacture field tile. We now offer five different looks.  Traditional hand made field,  a round tile with a floret,  a pillow tile, a ripple field and a distressed look.   We also purchase unglazed commercial American field tile and hand apply our glazes to match our art tile.  All our colors are available on our hand made tile and the commercially made americian manufactured tile.  We also provide matching white and almond gloss matches to 32 different manufactured fields. The standard sizes that we use are 6" x 6" and 4-1/4" & 4-1/4". 


M. E. Tile has developed seven different glaze finishes. They are: glass, satin matte, pebble, stone matte, speckle taupe, crackle, and metallic. These glazes are available from three colors for the metallics to thirty three colors for the satins, pebbles, and gloss. In addition, we offer fourteen different gloss whites, almonds and bone colors to closely match the respective shades of the flat field tile of most American commercial manufacturers. By using available glazed American field tile, the total cost of the tile installation is lowered considerably. This field tile can be purchased in your local area. Please see our color list for complete information. 



M. E. Tile has a talented staff of designers that are familiar with our wide range of products to assist you with those custom designs. We will be happy to offer suggestions. In the event that you would need an overall design concept, there will be a minimum layout charge. A quote will be given at the onset of the job and will be billed regardless if the order is places. A paper layout proof will be sent for approval. 


M. E. Tile Company, Inc. produces a hand made, sculptured, low relief, ceramic tile suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, fireplaces, door and window frames for use in homes, restaurants and commercial buildings. It is a stain and scratch resistant tile with a gloss glaze on a white non vitreous body. It may be used on interior walls, vanity and kitchen countertops, back splashes, and exterior walls not subject to freezing. 
It should be noted that with all glazed tile, some wearing, scratching, and staining occur. Care should be taken. Food and other acidic material can cause etching on some tile surfaces. Prompt cleaning of tile should prevent this. The use of cutting boards, non abrasive cleaners and a good quality sealer is highly recommended. 


Variations in shade and/or color is inherent in fired clay products and is one of the natural characteristics that enhance handmade tiles. Therefore, during installations, pull tiles from several different boxes to better blend the installation. Please note that sample colors may vary from dye lot to dye lot. In addition, some tiles may vary slightly in size, have rounded corners, have minor ferrous spots or surface blemishes. These again are qualities that define and enhance the handmade tile. 

M. E. Tile is a nominal 6"x6"x5/16", and is designed to be used with an American standard field tile of the same measurement. A grout line of 3/32" minimum width is recommended, plus a thicker than normal bed to allow for dishing and thickness variations of the M. E. art tile. 


M. E. are tiles are hand made and because of this individual tiles may vary from the sample. Any questions as to the acceptability of the tiles as to color, design or quality, must be mutually resolved prior to installation. All claims must be made in writing to the M. E. Tile Co. within five (5) days of receipt of the tile. 
Due to large numbers of different tiles, finishes, and colors, each order is a custom design. No order can be canceled once M. E. Tile starts production. 
We will not issue credit for tiles that are damaged when they arrive at M. E. Tile or shipped collect our warehouse. 
Any items having M. E. Tile's written approval for return will be assessed a 25% restocking fee and must be shipped freight pre-paid. In addition, please note the "Condition of Sale Statement" 

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